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12 International Congress of Social Sciences ... and Education and 5 International Congress of Educational Research and Innovation

will be held in an online version from October 20 to 30, 2021

The deadline for submission of presentation proposals is open, do so as soon as possible to ensure their inclusion in the official Congress Program, you can send the summary of your presentation proposal to ciecal@centro-ciecal.org to be evaluated and after be accepted can enroll at

12 International Congress of Social Sciences, Humanities, Health and Education and

5 International Congress on Educational Research and Innovation


The deadline for submitting the presentation and registration proposal is open until September 30, 2021

Online participation functions



On the indicated starting date of the online congress, the online Congress Program is presented on the internet in the DEBATES ROOM, with the inclusion of all the texts of the participating speakers, and DEBATES of the congress will be opened to the public where each of the speakers and Registered attendees will be able to intervene on any presentation or comment made on their own or other people's texts, as a form of open and public debate. ​


Comments and responses will be sent directly, indicating the title of the presentation that is being commented or responded to, to the following email cieal@centro-ciecal.org or they will be included by clicking on the "Comments" or "Responses" button, depending on is the case that corresponds to each one of the participants in the congress.


Researchers who register directly as online speakers will participate in the online congress, in addition to the face-to-face speakers who plan to participate in the corresponding face-to-face congress (who do not request their express inclusion in the online congress from the congress organization), as well as the online attendees, who do not present a presentation but have the right to intervene in the debate arising from the presentations.

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